Family exhibition Sea of stories in the Zuiderzee Museum

Are you coming to the family exhibition Sea of stories in the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen?? This exhibition can be seen in the indoor museum and is a fascinating, interactive exhibition for young and old.

The Zuiderzee Museum

The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen is often known for its outdoor museum but the indoor museum is also well worth a visit. Normally you combine these two museums, however the outdoor museum is still closed until Saturday, April 4. In the indoor museum you will discover various exhibits, but also has an impressive ship hall. ’In winter part of the Outdoor Museum is temporarily opened for the Zuiderzee Light.

A sea of stories

On Friday 14 February 2020, the exhibition Sea of Stories opened at the Zuiderzee Museum. There were two weeks of special opening weeks that included a puppet show and an evening of stories. Sea full of stories is an exciting, interactive and completely renewed permanent Zuiderzee exhibition for young and old. This exhibition introduces you to both former and current inhabitants of the Zuiderzee region.

They talk about their daily lives, work, clothes, homes and frugal leisure activities. About their customs and their celebrations then and now. And about their eternal battle against the water and the construction of the dike that changed everything: the Afsluitdijk.

For the whole family

Sea of Stories is ideal for families with children. There is a special children’s story line: Berend takes the children back in time, to 100 years ago! He shows how children lived and has an answer to all your questions. Questions like: with how many people did you sleep in a box bed and what clothes did you wear? But there is also a new mascot: Marretje the seagull, who takes the youngest visitors on an exciting journey.

They climb onto a fishing ship, crawl into a box bed, assemble a fishing boat or try on different hats from the traditional costume. And don’t forget to test your knowledge in the then-and-now memory game; do you make the right combination between historical and contemporary objects?

Family exhibition sea full of stories at the Zuiderzee Museum

A treasure hunt through the Zuiderzee Museum

On Saturday evening we were invited to Evening full of stories junior. In the brand new family exhibition Sea of stories, children were allowed to search for the paw prints of Marretje the Gull with a flashlight. A scavenger hunt normally is already fun, but one in the dark – in a museum – is of course absolutely fantastic!

A sea of stories

The story actually begins when you enter the ships hall. By means of audiovisual presentations you imagine yourself 100 years back on the Zuiderzee; once a wild open sea full of fish, salt water and rough waves – on which around 1900 as many as two thousand fishing boats sailed every day.

Then began the scavenger hunt and exhibition where you learn, do and discover. In addition to the scavenger hunt, the boys had a flashlight in their hands and so we went through the different areas of the exhibition. Sea of Stories takes you back to life around the Zuiderzee.

A life of hard work

This life meant hard work, in which water and fishing played a leading role. There were of course fishermen at sea – catching plaice, herring and anchovies – but also netmakers, sailmakers, ship smiths, basket makers and shrimpers on the mainland. In addition to the men, the women and children also worked to keep the household going and the income on track. You see how people lived, lived and what they wore.

Children could dress up in period clothing and throw out nets to see how hard children used to have to work. The stories are incredibly interesting and the interactive nature challenges children to really get involved.

Pepper House Restaurant

Before entering the museum, we had dinner at the Museum restaurant Het Peperhuis. This really is a beautiful location. For that alone you should go in for a while.

We loved the exhibition Sea of Stories. It is spacious, with changing images, films, text and fascinating information. I found the room of Cornelis Lely beautifully recreated, but also the houses, of how people used to live, are very beautiful. The information was very interesting. And the interactive kept the boys busy.

The treasure hunt in the dark of course gave just a little extra’s. It was exciting and fun at the same time!


Zuiderzee Museum -wierdijk 12-22 1601 LA Enkhuizen.

Keep an eye on the website for exhibitions, events, opening of the outdoor museum, opening hours and ticket prices. Sea of Tales is a permanent exhibition but you can also go here for the exhibition Clothes make the woman.