Sustainable summer sandals made of apple leather, cork and old car tire

People are more and more concerned about the environment and also want more natural and sustainable products. It is becoming more and more possible to choose from here and besides clothes or make-up you see it in the shoe industry as well.

Sustainable clothing and shoes

Clothing brands are starting to make more and more sustainable clothing. It has to because the demand for it is increasing. Even shoes are becoming more and more sustainable. Last Year Bear&Mees with a shoe collection made from recycled PET bottles, organic cotton and animal-friendly and ecological microfiber. Now this Dutch brand comes out with a sandal that further minimizes children’s ecological footprint.

Namely sustainable summer sandals made from apple leather, cork and old car tire.

Bear brand shoes&Tit

Bear&Mees carry sustainable fashion and circular developments as a high priority. The brand wants to make children aware of the world they are growing up in and inspire them to make sustainable choices (too). Bear & Mees is a Dutch sustainable shoe label, produced in Portugal and made for children.

They make animal-friendly shoes made from sustainable fabrics such as microfiber, felt and other fair-trade materials.

Sandals made of leather, cork and tires

The top of the sandal is made of apple leather. Apple leather is the result of a highly innovative process in which the leather is made from the pulp of fermented apple peels. The result is high quality vegan leather. And then the footbed, which is made of Portuguese cork. Cork is grown from the cork oak tree, using no pesticides or fertilizers.

The process to the final product is entirely without the addition of harmful substances.

Sustainable sandals made by old car tires

But old car tires are also used. Initiative taker Ellen Rijntjes came up with the idea for these car tires during a trip to Kenya where she came into contact with the Masai. This is a Kenyan tribe that is one of the few to live in an entirely traditional manner.

In addition to the beautiful colorful robes they wear, they use old car tires as footwear. Speaking of sustainable shoes