To the first year, what does your child need?

A few more weeks until the schools have summer vacation. And after this vacation our eldest son goes to the first year. So it’s time to see what children need for the first year in high school.

I already made a row!

A mobile phone

Start immediately with the most important item for teenagers and that is their phone. In the first school, in most schools, use will no longer be used of paper agenda ’ s. At the school where our son is going to work with Magister and I think this is used in many high schools.

In Magister they see, among other things, their homework, in which class they should be and whether there is a lesson failure. Everything goes on the smartphone.

Because this is at school and at home on the WiFi network, you can opt for a smaller subscription. Looking for your adolescent a cool phone, which is super strong and with which he or she can make good selfies? But can also opt for a smaller subscription?

Then the OnePlus 8 Pro is something for him or her!

Why this phone

The OnePlus 8 Pro is a phone for you and me, but certainly also for our children. It is easily one of the fastest smartphones ever and looks beautiful and cool! He takes photos like the best and has a brilliant selfie camera.

The screen is nice and big, easy to operate and super strong because it is made of aluminum and glass.

A cell phone that can appreciate children!

Get bigger and let go

Here the boys both already have a mobile, especially because we no longer have a landline at home and I want me to reach them. And also because our oldest son will have to cycle a lot further to his new school. Because back on this what went fast the year.

And although we do not yet know how and where we will spend the summer vacation or what it will look like in the world after this, one thing I know for sure and that is that our oldest son goes to the first year after the summer vacation.

Introduction at school

Many activities did not take place at school this year, but fortunately the introduction to his new first year. This will take place at the beginning of July. Great, because the first year and a new school is already so exciting.

Through an introduction, he knows in any case in which class he will start the new school year.

Before the school year starts, we will have to buy a few things new. I will receive a letter from school by e -mail with what he should buy for the first year. But of course I can already prepare myself a bit.

What bridge classers need?

Where a leather school bag was mandatory for me and I bumped a bump to folders, books and scriptures, the bridge classers now often take a backpack with it.

Bring Your Own Device

I already started this article with the mobile phone and perhaps this is the most important thing for them when they go to high school, more has changed! For example, at the school where our son will go in addition to books and notebooks, a lot of use is made of digital lessons. Many classrooms no longer have a traditional chalkboard, but a IWB.

To be able to use all digital lesson options, they work at this school with “ BYOD ” (Bring Your Own Device).

This means that students with their own laptop work at school. We can rent or buy a laptop through the school. The school program is set up here, there will be extra protection on the laptop and if there is damage, he can temporarily get a loan laptop.

New bread bin and drinking bottle

What is also allowed after all these years of primary school for this upcoming first year is a new bread bin and drinking bottle. For when he has to go to school every day, I was looking for a water bottle that cannot leak and is durable. I found a unique and sustainable drinking bottle at Flaske.

With this he will steal the show at school and drink enough water immediately.

New gym clothing

What should definitely come new is gym clothing. Every year I try as standard whether the sneakers still fit, but I never look at the clothes. When I threw their gym clothes in the wash, found out that they have become very small.

So I also have to set off for this!

A good bike

Not unimportant for when children go to the first year, is a good bike. Often they have to cycle further than they are used to and with heavier backpacks, so a good bike is definitely something to look at and therefore immediately think of a rain suit!

A complete list of a bridge class you may need

Now, of course, the supplies are different per school and you always have to keep the school list, but below a general list of guidelines that are probably needed at every school in the first year: