Run and exercise at home, work on your fitness

Working on your fitness, starting again running and exercise at home! But how do you start running again and what can you do at home to work on your fitness?

How sports can be fun

Boot Camp is really something I never thought I would like, but once I did this, I was so excited. I built up great fitness and noticed in my body that these different sports were good for me. However, the boot camp group has stopped and I am a bit searching.

But how do I start again?

It’s hard to find a new passion in terms of sports, but I’m determined to get back into running and exercise at home to get and keep my fitness back up to par!

Started a hoop challenge

What is very good for your fitness is hula hooping. I already did this before and recently I started the hula hoop challenge from robinhoop.en. It feels so good to hoop again.

The hoop of robinhoop.The hoop is bigger and lighter than a fitness hula hoop, therefore the hooping is smooth and fine and easy to maintain.

Training with BBG

What is also super good for your fitness is the Bikini Body Guide (BBG). You have twenty-four weeks of exercises to do at home, very tough but good for your body. The exercises are similar to boot camp exercises.

Running again

I myself also want to start running again, after all this is certainly good for your fitness, but also for your body and there’s a point for me there too. Finally, I’m not getting any younger and my body is really changing as I get older. So I have to work hard to stay fit and in shape.

So what’s going to happen.I want to start running again and use the ideal running schedule for the novice runner. I also want to start at the beginning again and start with BBG, just starting week 1 again. Working out for half an hour three times a week, I shouldn’t and can’t make excuses for that anymore anyway!

Join us?

The first step has been taken! If you want to join the Hoop Challenge, become a member of Robin Hoop’s Facebook page and buy your hoop now with the discount code LODI44