A family car vacation. What not to forget

Of course, you can often get to your foreign vacation destination much faster by plane, but a car vacation is also great fun and perhaps easier to arrange this year. Are you going to take a car vacation this vacation? Don’t forget the following points.

A car holiday? What to bring?

If you go by plane, your luggage is often limited, but with a car vacation it is different. Finally, you can take a lot more with you and – now I speak from experience- you do too. So make a packing list in advance to make sure you can’t forget anything. A car vacation often takes a long time, especially when you want to be sure of good weather, so make sure you have enough food and drink for the road. A Cooler Can Come in Handy To Keep Drinks Cold and Food Fresh.

It is also useful, when you go on vacation with the children, to take enough with you to keep them entertained. Games, for Example, or a tablet on which they can watch movies. If you don’t have enough room in the car for all the things you need to take you?

Then a Roof Box Might Be A Good Option, For Example A Thule Roof Box.

A Roof Box is iDeal

When we go on a car vacation, we prefer camping. Besides a tent and all the essentials, we always bring our climbing gear. This is a lot and it will not all fit in the car. Years ago we bought a thule roof box and we use it with great pleasure, because what a lot of stuff you can put in it.

Stuff that no longer fits in the car, but can now be tasks along.

Don’t go unprepared

But also Make Sure You Are Well Prepared. Take the car to the garage before the vacation and buy a road map. Nothing more annoying than when the navigation suddenly stops on the road. It can also be useful to read up on your destination.

Did you know that in some European countries you need to have a safety vest or fire extinguisher in your car?? Besides preparing for the trip itself, it is also smart to leave the house well behind. Check with friends or family for someone to check the mail and take care of plants and any pets. Do you subscribe to a newspaper? Then you can usually stop it temporarily during your vacation.

To prevent break-ins, you can buy timers for the lights. This way it seems like someone is at home after all.

Let people know where you are

Last but not least, make sure someone on the home front knows where you are. In case of an emergency it is nice to be reachable, especially when you go to an area where the reception of your cell phone is not optimal. You can do this by making an overview of your trip, with addresses where you will be staying, for example. Take a list of important phone numbers and email addresses with you.

Think of the phone number to block your bank card, which is useful if you lose your wallet or if it is stolen.

Be well prepared for your trip

A car vacation is often cheaper than flying, but also this year it might not be strange at all to be in control and see where you can go when your summer vacation arrives. Finally, we don’t know how this summer will go in terms of vacation countries. In any case, travel well prepared.

Make sure you have everything you need, but also everything you can take with you, take care of the house and home and enjoy your vacation!