Help, I have too many hobbies’s

Everyone knows the help series on RTL. Most people watch these programs’s because of the well-known candy that does the presenting but there are also people who just really watch for fun. Or gloating, depending on how you look at it.

I would fit perfectly into a similar program. But then with the title “help, I have too many hobbies’s”.

Help, I have too many hobbies

You can call it a luxury or a problem. Or of course just a luxury problem. There are many things I like to do but I simply do not have the time and space to do them all.

I just really have too many hobbies’s. And that is what I find so irritating. Because if I would just have one hobby I would only have to make time for that one hobby.

But no, Bianca is busy with 101 fun things so is short of time, and especially energy.

Making choices?

Should I not make some choices then? Cut out a few hobbies’s in order to have more time for the most fun hobbies’s? In any case, it would also clean up my house tremendously. Besides cupboards full of toys we also have a cupboard full of craft supplies, a drawer full of photography and blogging stuff, a cart full of sewing stuff, a table full of a laptop and a sewing machine. And then I won't even mention the garage where there is a huge load of horse stuff.

On top of that there is a large herd of livestock that I don't want to say goodbye to either, so yes, that's when my time and energy really run out. And oh yes, I also have a husband and two children and I am chronically ill. Nice going, Bianca!

What does it bring me?

Well, what does it bring me?? Do all these hobbies really make me so happy’s? I don't really need to think about that. Besides the hustle and bustle of running a family, my hobbies’re really my relaxation. Just a few hours to my horse, zero thoughts and a nice ride.

An hour behind the sewing machine and I have another cool garment for one of the kids. Half an hour of drawing or crafting somewhere and I have an empty head and a full table again. Being busy with Bblogt for a few hours.and I am again full of inspiration.

So yes, all those nice things give me, besides a lot of clutter, also a lot of pleasure.

Help, I have too much hobby

Drastic measures

I was going to send John Williams a message if he wanted to come over for a while. For a moment I thought I was a problem case and drastic measures were needed. However, I actually think the damage is limited. Okay, maybe the husband would like it if for once the kitchen table is not built full of all my hobbies’s. Or would he be more enamored with the cost of a gym instead of a horse.

But hey, with all these hobbies’s I do get off the street and stay a happy mom. So I crawl behind the sewing machine to make a cardigan for the little girl. 😉

What are your hobbies’s? Or am I the only mother with (too) many hobbies’s?

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