Educational Toys For A 1-Year-old Child: 5 Tips

Playing and Learning Go Very Well Together. Educational Toys Contribute to Development, Stimulate Creativity and Challenge Children’s Imagination. There is a lot of choice when it comes to educational toys.

Are you Looking for Unique Educational Toys For A 1-Year-old Child? In this blog, we give you 5 tips!

Educational Wooden Toys

Because to buy toys that your child will Enjoy for years to come? Then Choose Wooden Toys. This Durable Material Ensures That Generation After Generation Can Enjoy the Items.

Moreover, They come in All Shapes and Sizes, from Complete Toy Kitchens to Cozy Dollhouses. Not Convinced Yet? Here are the main reasons to Choose Educational Wooden Toys.

  • Durability. The Material Will Last for Years.
  • Safety. The Natural Material Contains No Toxins.
  • Creativity. The absence of bells and whistles stimulates the imagination.
  • Timeless. The toys are not time or trend related.

Marjo Toys: educational toys for a 1-year-old child

Family company Marjo Toys has specialized in educational toys for 30 years. The competitive price-quality ratio makes the products accessible to every budget. So every child can experience the warm and friendly nature of wooden toys. Marjo Toys also offers educational toys for a 1-year-old child.

Below 5 original gift ideas from their range.

Tip 1: wooden take-along activity box

Looking for versatile toys? Then the wooden take-along activity box is exactly what you are looking for. The box has five sides with various games, such as moving gears, balls and blocks, a maze and a mirror.

Easily take the box anywhere and give your child hours of playtime as a gift.

Educational toys for a 1-year-old: 5 tips

Tip 2: shape sorting set

Of course, when we talk about educational toys for a 1-year-old child, this shape sorting set is not to be missed. The little one will be busy for hours. Find the right shape for each box and complete the puzzle.

Educational toys for a 1-year-old child: 5 tips

Tip 3: shape cube

With the shape cube from Marjo Toys children learn to recognize shapes and colors in a playful way. Each side has a different challenge for the birthday boy or girl.

Educational toys for a 1-year-old child: 5 tips

Tip 4: wooden stacking game

Teach your little one to count and recognize colors with this cheerful wooden stacking game. Sort the colors and stack them. How many blue shapes do you count??

And how many yellow?

toys 1 year

Tip 5: wooden shape puzzle sorting board

Sorting and puzzling shapes do of course with the wooden sorting board shape puzzle. This is no ordinary puzzle as you can see. The wooden rods give it an extra dimension.

Will you succeed in solving this unique puzzle?

Learning toys: the best gift you can give

Looking for a gift that develops the birthday boy or girl’s skills through play? Educational toys for a 1-year-old are always a good idea. And with the wooden toys, you can be sure they will remain in good condition generation after generation.

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