Feelgood Challenge for women

A Feelgood Challenge for women. . A challenge by and for women who are perhaps a bit insecure and always concerned about what others think. On Monday, September 3, the challenge started. With an assignment online every Monday.

What is the Feelgood challenge

The Feelgood Challenge was created by Kimberly (beebsandmoms.nl) and Merel (Lotuswritings.nl). Halfway through an in-depth conversation, they decided it was time to stop being self-critical and concerned with how others think of you. That’s why they came up with fifteen challenges. Especially for women like you and me. Normal women, in any size.

To support each other, make each other feel good and make us realize how incredibly sinful it is that we worry so much about insecurities that are in your own head.

What you need for this challenge

All you need for this feel-good challenge is a smartphone with internet and a Facebook or Instagram account. Join #feelgood2018, post your own contribution a day and comment with the other sweet, beautiful and amazing women who are participating. And have nothing to do with challenge 4 or 10 or any other number? Then skip that one!

It’s your party.

Every Monday an assignment

Last Monday was the first assignment of the feelgood challenge: What are you proud of. This is a wonderfully broad concept and you saw many different stories on Instagram #feelgoodchallengeNL2018 passing by. Beautiful as others tell about their achievements. My What am I tots at, I also posted on instagram:

For women ( but of course also men)

This Feelgood challenge is for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. And aimed at women, but of course men are allowed to do customs too.

A new assignment comes online today. Per assignment you can see if you can do something with it and if not, you skip a week. I’m very curious to see what’s online today and I must say that I found the stories in the first assignment already very inspiring.

If you want to participate you can sign up through the Facebook page Feelgood Challenge.