Tips: How to Choose the Right Wines?

From sweet fruity to heavy and robust. I Am Talking About Wine. They come in all shapes and flavors.

Some Know Exactly What they Want and For Others It Is A Big Search.

Do You Find It Hard To Find the Right One To Suit Your Taste? At Abels Wines They Give You A Hand.

White, Red or Rosé?

Many People Always Drink White Wine or Always Red . Just because they like it. In Terms of Color, We or Look at the Weather/Season. In Winter You Tend To Choose Heavier Wines, While In Summer You Prefer To Go For A Light Rosé Wine.

Food and drink

When Your Dish And Wine Are Well Matched, Both Taste Better! The Dish Certainly Influencies The Wine You Can Chose. Seasonings, Sauces and Preparation Methods Are Often Leading.

This Includes Not Only Color, But also Type.

Think Dry, Dessert, Sparkling or Fortified. Some good wine tips are:

  • wines with acidity or tannins go well with 'oily
  • Wine with Sweetness/Spice/Much Alcohol/Much Tannin Goes Well with Spicy and Herbal
  • Sweet Goes Well with Sweet
  • But a Sweet also Goes Well with Salty

A Famous Name

Many people rely on a famous name. Unfortunately a name Doesn't Always Tell the Whole Story. Maybe you don't like this wine at all.

The Advice is: do not select by name!

Origin and Grape Variety

Do You Think You Can Make A Good Selection Based On Region of Origin? Unfortunately. Within a Wine Country Or Region, Again, You Have Many Different Types, Colors and Flavors.

It's no use so.

Many Think Selection by Grape Variety is a Smart Move. Then unfortunately we have to disappoint you again, because this is not the case either. While Many Grape Varieties Have Similar Characteristics, The Taste Can Still Differ.

That has to do with the area where the grape grows.

Soil, Climate and Method Determine the Taste. If you have ever tasted a nice chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon, it does not mean that another wine from this grape is equally good.


What they of Hear at Abels Wines is: 'The More Exensive, the Better'!'. No, no, no! There are also plenty of good wines for less than € 10,-.

Remember One Thing: A Good Wine Does Not Always Have To Be Expective!

The Key Question: How Do You Choose the Wine That Suits You??

Taste is what it's all about. Taste is personal. Of course the Above Points Are Good Guides for Making A Selection.

To really find out which Wine is made for you, they say: go tasting!

Visit Wine Tastings or Opt For Tasting Packages.

View the assortment of Abels Wines -Which Includes Tasting Packages – On The Site


It's no secret that we like a drink here at home. Red is our favorite, but on a hot summer day we also like a white wine. Abels wines has a fine website for ordering.

The Bottles Are Well Described, So You Know What Taste You Are Getting. There is a best sellers page and also very nice gifts (think of a bottle with your own label).

The Bottles We Received Were Very Tasty. They were full-bodies, fruity and just super tasty! And also Try To Find the Right Wine To Go With A Dish,.