Sleep well on hot summer days with these tips

Do you recognize this, it is so hot during the night, it makes you sleep badly. You lie in bed twisting and turning. You hear a mosquito and you just can’t fall asleep.

I went looking for the way to stay well even on hot summer days sleep.

Good sleep is so important

For years I worked in care and thus worked irregularly. I loved working night shifts, as I could sleep just fine during the day. However, because of the changing shifts I often slept badly too. Especially when I had to work another day shift after several evening shifts and my body did not feel like going to sleep at all and was still in evening mode. Yet it is so incredibly important.

Preferably seven or eight hours a night.

He is so hot outside

Nowadays I have regularity in sleeping. During the week we go to bed around 10:30 a.m. and get up at the same time every morning. I specially drink my night tea every night, but I don’t need this at all because I usually sleep wonderfully. In the weekend we go to bed later and can stay in bed too.

That is the advantage now that the boys are older. They are having a great time down below. I no longer have problems sleeping.

Only if it is very hot. When I think back to that beautiful hot summer last year, I remember the beautiful evenings, outside. But also the clammy, hot summer nights.

Nights I lay awake One minute I was too hot and threw the sheet off me and the next I was too cold and wanted the sheet back again.

Tips for sleeping well

Again this year I’m hoping for a nice long summer and those hot nights I’ll take for granted, but with better sleep than last year, I hope. So I put together a few tips: