Safety along the pool

Safety at the pool! Look after! Walk slowly! Do not run! Just stop them, those enthusiastic children who want to go into the water by the swimming pool.

Run, fly and fall. The anti-slip socks ‘ Ockyz Sweakers ‘ are a solution

Ockyz for safety

Swimming with children is not only fun, but also very important for their development. Jermaine Moerli is happy to take his daughter to the pool. As a father he thinks it is important that his daughter can play in the water. Unfortunately, a visit to the swimming pool can also be dangerous. The walkways around the bath are sometimes insidiously slippery.

During a vacation, Jermaine regularly saw his daughter (almost) falling down. The fear of every parent, because slipping in the swimming pool can lead to nasty situations.

Ockyz Sweakers

That is why this worried father went to work two years ago with his fantastic idea: Ockyz Sweakers!

Sweakers are handy swim socks for children, who provide more grip on smooth floors and therefore offer more safety. Together with the Ockyz Team, Jermaine De Sweakers has optimally developed. Sweakers have the following advantages:

  • Positive tested by the Tüv Rheinland
  • Technically advanced anti -slip material
  • Open toes for optimum grip and balance
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Antibacterial and hygienic
  • Quick -drying
  • Breathable
  • Washable and durable (several sizes will last)

Accidents in the pool

More than 200 are found every year.000 accidents place in European swimming pools, a large part of which is slipping. The Sweakers are therefore a real must -have for everyone, especially for children under the age of twelve. The sweakers are available from size 23 to 46 and cost € 19.95 per pair via the Ockyz Webshop

Swimwear and bathing suits

Of course there are various designs available for both boys and girls. This way you can also match the sweakers with the corresponding swimming trunks and/or bathing suits. Safety and swimming pleasure!

Although we always have to pay attention in the swimming pool, sweakers help in any case with the provision of more grip on slippery floors. Team Ockyz strives for more safety of our children while swimming.