Duukies Beachsocks Protect Your Child's Feet

Our Children Are Both Water Rats. They can't get out of the pool. The Sea However is Another Story. They love the sea but all those Sharp little shells and stones can spoil the fun.

But that's where duukies Beachsocks come in.

Oceans, Seas and Crabs

The Little Guy is Already Becoming QUITE THE WORLD Traveler. Two years ago he went along to Sri Lanka where he braved the waves in the ocean. Last year we get used to costa rica, where he swam a lot. In The Pools At The Hotels, In The Hot Springs Near The Volcanoes But The Ocean?

That was Suddenly QUITE A THING. Not so much because of the water but the pebbles, shells and so-called crabs he thought he felt. No way we could get mister further than 3 inches into the ocean.

As soon as he thought he felt something the fun was over and he ran back to the sand.


Next Spring We Are Going On A Family Vacation to Curacao. Checking Out The Island, Visiting My Sister And Course Swimming. The Liter In The Pool Of Course, But Actual I Hope to Snorkel with Him As Well. But then he has to go into the sea, and in the sea there can sometimes be pebbles and shells.

So I Became Very Happy When I Received the Duukies Beachsocks!

Duukies Beachsocks

Duukies Beachsocks are the ideal solution for playing at the beach or even by the pool. They are similar to the old fashioned water shoes but Beach socks are much more fun. They are flexible, comfortable and protect your child's feet from the sun, sand, shells, stones and even from slipping because of the non-slip sole.


My little man already tested them out briefly in the living room and in the local pool. Running around the pool, which is not really allowed but kids do anyway, is no problem with these socks. They stay on in the water and dry quickly after swimming.

Duukies Beach Socks protect the feet of your child

You understand that we will be happy to take these beach socks with us to Curacao. I'm also ordering a few more for the little girl. Then she can go to the sea and play at the pool without any worries.

Where to find Duukies beach socks?

You can find Duukies Beachsocks in different colors and prints in the Duukies webshop. A Pair of Beach Socks Costs € 12.95.

Did You Already Know Duukies BeachSocks?? Would this be something for your child??


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