Ockyz Sweakers- to the pool without worries

Ockyz Sweakers! Do you know them? These are safe socks for in the pool. How does it work and are the boys as excited about these pool socks as I am ?

Safety at the pool too.

Did you know that more than 200.000 accidents happen annually around swimming pools in Europe? More than half of accidents are caused by slipping by the pool, especially in children under 15 years old.

A worried father looked for a solution

Jermaine Moerli , a concerned father, who saw his daughter regularly (almost) fall down, started working on his fantastic idea two years ago: Ockyz Sweakers. Sweakers (swimming sneakers) are handy swimming socks for children that provide more grip on the slippery floors. After all, swimming with children is not only fun, but also very important for their development.

Prevent slips and misery with Sweakers® non-slip swim socks

Nowadays it is quite normal for children to wear helmets while skiing or cycling. But that was quite different 10 years ago. Sweakers® non-slip swim socks are to swimming what helmets are to skiing.

After ten years they are very normal and you see them in every pool, just like ski helmets are very normal now.

Why Sweakers?

  • More safety on slippery pool surface
  • They are comfortable and the open toes provide optimal feeling and balance
  • Antibacterial and a high hygiene factor in public areas
  • Cool and fun designs, kids love to wear them
  • Excellent quality, made in Europe
  • Sweakers® last 4 sizes, water shoes 1 size

The experience of the boys.

The youngest had swimming lessons and had to swim first with clothes on. The oldest who normally walks to the pool barefoot, now put on Sweakers. He was very enthusiastic. He got the socks on just fine. Had to get used to the piece of cloth between his toes, but soon he didn’t feel it any more.

He had plenty of grip on the slippery, wet floor and never for a moment felt like he could slip.

A safe feeling

After swimming class the youngest also tested the Sweakers, he did not notice he was wearing them while swimming. It also made him feel safe. He was able to take off the Sweakers himself and what I thought was a big advantage was that they dried very quickly. I was also very pleased with the non-slip underside of the socks. I never felt for a moment that they could slip out.

The boys love the colors and fabric of the socks. They feel super soft and are very stiff at the bottom, but you don’t feel that at all; according to the boys.

A few days after trying out the Sweakers the A diploma was passed. From now on the swimming straps are left at home and the Sweakers go with me to visit the pool.

Ockyz more than just sweaters.

At Ockyz, in addition to these safe socks, you can also find fun, cheerful swimwear for girls and boys. The Sweakers are available from size 23 to 46 and cost €19.95 per pair via the Ockyz webshop.