What are typical barbecue dishes?

Beautiful weather makes many long for food from the barbecue. Perhaps you have already eaten outside in recent weeks or you are waiting until the real summer, but barbecuing is always possible of course. What are now typical barbecue dishes?

I put it in a row.

The barbecue season is open

We can, we may and we want to barbecue again. Now the bbq is certainly not just for the summer. You can eat outside all year round.

Although you might make a fresh salad with it in summer, a good piece of meat on the barbecue is always possible.

What are typical barbecue dishes

Meat, fish, vegetables, it’s all possible on the barbecue, which is why it is increasingly used as an outdoor kitchen. Finally, you can prepare all your dishes on it. Make sure you have a good dining table outside and dinner can be enjoyed on sunny days. Now what are due typical barbecue dishes:

  • The classic hamburger

The hamburger should not be missing at a barbecue. Put not only the meat on the barbie, but also the hanburger buns, onion and bell bell pepper.

  • Chicken skewers

Another typical barbecue dish, the chicken skewer. Opt for chicken in marinade, let it cook for 10 minutes or preferably a couple of hours and thread it onto skewers. Delicious with onion and peppers that also go great on the bbq.

  • Corn

Corn should not be missing on the barbecue. Delicious with butter and salt!

  • Baguette and herb butter

Tasty, tasty, baguette, which of course cannot be missing at the bbq.

  • Fish

Fish is so delicious on the barbecue and perhaps not a typical barbecue dish, but certainly worth trying. Make a package with salmon and vegetables in aluminum.

A very tasty example is this salmon package from the Allerhande site.

  • Vegetable

Vegetables are delicious on the barbecue but can also be eaten as a snack with a dip when the barbecue is still warm. On the barbecue, basically anything goes. Peppers, zucchini, eggplant and onion. delicious for it is cucumber with tsaziki.

Eat outside

Although we often barbecue in the summer, you can barbecue all year round. Also, the barbecue is increasingly shifting from just meat, to the entire evening meal on the bbq. Vegetables, potatoes, it’s all possible on the barbecue.

So I would say, get the bbq out of the shed again this weekend and as go eat deliciously outside.