Witch’n® quark spread and Witch’n® cream twist

Do you also sometimes stand in the store at the cheese and meat section, with the question: ‘what should I take with me this time for bread?’. What about Heks’n®cheese, Heks’n® quark spread and Heks’n®cream twist. All products from Heks’n.

This is delicious on bread and toast?

Something tasty on your sandwich

The following words tempted me to give Heks’n® quark spread a try:

Spread the word! Quark is irresistible on a cracker

Want something really tasty on your cracker or sandwich? Spread with cottage cheese! Quark?! Yes really, Heks’n® quark spread is irresistible on bread and cracker (bring on that morning!).

Creamy in flavor and chock-full of vegetables and herbs. Give your breakfast or lunch a great boost with this cottage cheese spread.

Witch’n® quark spread

Heks’n® quark spread is made from quark! This makes it not only super tasty but also responsible. A spread you can rest assured Yes! can say.

Because nothing beats the creamy, full flavor of cottage cheese. Great on a cracker, for breakfast or lunch, to satisfy early hunger or just when you feel like it. With Heks’n® quark spread you eat something different and especially delicious.

Enchanting combinations

Which gives Heks’n® quark spread that unbeatable flavor? The basis of only the most delicious creamy cottage cheese and lots of fresh vegetables such as crisp celery and spring onions and that one crucial ingredient: a touch of magic. The vegetables give the cottage cheese its freshness and crispy bite. Such an excellent mix, you really don’t need to add anything more, but of course you can. Spread quark spread on your cracker and top with slices of avocado…a slice of chicken breast or salmon: a magical combo.

And build a vegetable party: finish your quark crackers with grilled eggplant and zucchini.

Did you know?

No idea what to cook? Witch’n® quark spread does a great job not only on sandwiches. A baked potato give you a culinary upgrade in no time with this cheese spread.

Want to make something delicious quickly? Spread on a wrap with lettuce and smoked chicken. Party? Complete your party with Heks’n®quarkspread appetizers like fish cakes with spinach and tuna.

So simple and tasty!

Once upon a time..

Witch’n® quark spread? Is that from the makers of Heksnkaas®?? It all started with this now famous spread. Heks’nkaas® was soon wildly popular and that tasted like more!

Meanwhile, many irresistible, quirky products come out of the HEKS'N® kitchen. Always with a combination of dairy and fresh ingredients. So they keep coming up with new ways to enchant drinks, lunch and other enjoyable moments.

Because a surprising taste never gets boring. You will keep enjoying this!

Very tasty on bread

I often enough stand in front of the shelves in the store and then wonder, ‘what do I take this time for on bread?’ Great to try something different than the standard cheese and meat products what I normally take with me. The Heks’n® quark spread is delicious on bread or a cracker, it is fresh and tasty. By the way, you don't taste the cottage cheese, it's really the fresh herbs you taste and because of the cottage cheese it's wonderfully creamy.

Also for drinks

Heks’n®creamtwist is also highly recommended to try with drinks (or on bread). It's delicious on a baguette or toast. A surprisingly mild and special taste. You mix fresh cream cheese and the flavor of pineapple, pesto or spicy chili, just the way you like it. That makes Heks’n®creamtwist a whirlwind success on bread and toast as well as a feast for the eyes.

The kids liked the pineapple the best, we couldn't choose and found them all very tasty. The warm dip we tried was also delicious with chips. Deliciously spicy!

Delicious on bread or with a drink: Witch


  • Heks’n quark spread €2,93
  • Heks’nroomtwist €2,49
  • Heks’n hot dip €2,89

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