Sustainable and vegan Lifestyle products- original gifts for him and her

Are you looking for an original gift for him or her?. Or would you like to surprise yourself. Take a look at The Gift Label.

Here you buy original sustainable and vegan lifestyle products and beautifully designed beauty products with happy quotes. Beautiful for the eye and the environment!

The Gift Tag

The Gift Label is a lifestyle brand from Amsterdam. Here they love to surprise people and make others feel good. With a wide range of sustainable and vegan Lifestyle products, there is an original gift for everyone, including the gift sets from The Gift Label.

Sustainable and vegan lifestyle products

The Gift Label's body care and lifestyle products are vegan and sustainable. In addition to the happy quotes and beautiful designs, the bottles are made from recycled plastic. And on top of that, the products are not only vegan, they contain no sulfates and dyes and are made with caring ingredients like Argan oil and vitamin E.

Products that fit into your interior

Of course the eye wants something too! And they know how to deal with that at The Gift Label. The beautiful stylish products stand out and are beautiful in your interior.

The sustainable and vegan lifestyle products are a must-have. The products are beautiful, cheerful and original. The beauty products, think hand-, body- and hair care, have cheerful labels with nice quotes. You will also find on the site care Products for Men and Baby ’ s.

But also Baby Greeting Cards and Beautiful Gift Sets.

Mailbox Post

A Favorite of Mine Is The Mailbox Gift Set. Through the past Two years I have totally discovered this and will have a nice package delivered by mail more often in the future as well. This Luxury Gift Set Fits Through The Mailbox, So You Don't Have To Stay Home For It.

Gift set mailbox

Home Fragrances

Also for your home you will find the nicest and happiest lifestyle products at the gift label. Think fragrance sticks or scented candles.

Scent cards in Glass Fragrance Sticks

Gifts for him and her

It is of difficult to decide what to buy for your partner, relative or friend for a birthday or other occasion. The Gift Label is the place to be for that. Because the gift is sustainable and vegan, they are in high demand and you can never really come up with the wrong gift.

Very original personalized gifts. You can personalize one of the best-sellers like the hand soap or hand lotion by adding a name to it

The Gift Shop Amsterdam

The products of The Gift label are produced in Holland and besides the webshop also for sale in different stores. In addition to being vegan, the products are sustainable. The bottles and jars are made from 100% recycled plastic and the tubes are made from sugar cane.

You read it, The Gift Label's products are good for you and good for the world!

photos image bank/ free image via Pixabay/ collaboration