Sustainable: Handy reusable bags for bread or snack

Do your kids take bread and snacks to school, do you take sandwiches to the office or on the go during a day out? This can be in a drum, although it often takes up a lot of space. Easy and Durable Are Nom Nom Kids’ Handy Reusable Bags.

Sustainability in The Kitchen

With the handy Reusable Bags from Nom Nom Kids, You Are Not Only Being Sustainable, They Are also Fun and Easy. Three Birds with One Stone. Because AltheHoth Many Children Bring Lunch Boxes, You Still See Many Plastic Bags in Circulation.

Also when you take a sandwich with you on the go. Finally, a pouch is Easier, you don’t have to carry that around in your bag all the time. And that’s why thesis handy Reusable Bags are also iDeal!

Squeeze Bags, Snack Bags and Sandwich Bags

Our children take their lunch boxes and a plastic bowl with fruit with them every day. Since the Oldest is in High School, His Backpack is of so full that I can’t fit his lunchboxes in the backpack, which is why I’m so slippery i recedived the handy reusable bags from nom nom kids. By the way, these bags are certainly not only easy to take to school.

They are also ideal for a day trip, vacation or taking to the office.

Bring your own food

Because I like being able to bring my own food, but don’t always want to carry a big drum in my bag. So these handy reusable pouches are incredibly convenient. The reusable sandwich bag can hold a sandwich or bagel, but you can also choose to put a pasta or salad in it. And the same goes for the snack pouches, which I use for my unsalted nuts, an apple or other fruit. The advantage of the pouches is that they are wider at the bottom, so they can hold more than you might initially think.

And after use, I wash them or put them in the dishwasher.

easy for on the go

Squeeze bags for adults too

With squeeze bags, you might think these are only for kids, but they’re not. Of course these squeeze bags are certainly super convenient when you start with the first snacks! But can also be used for older children or for yourself.

Think smoothies, yogurt or breakfast-to-go. These squeeze bags are very easy to fill because of the ziplock on the side, easy to take away and easy to wash off too.

make your own fruit puree

Nom Nom Reusables

Besides the handy reusable bags in kids themes’s with cheerful prints, monsters and animals, you can also find reusable sandwich bags, snack bags and squeeze bags with a nice wave print at Nom Nom Kids. These bags are larger in size than the children’s version and therefore perfect for older children and adults. The convenient reusable pouches are all:

  • Reusable at least 40 times
  • BPA Free – Phthalate Free – PVC Free
  • Suitable for the freezer
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
  • The reusable bags have a ziplock closure.
  • The squeeze bags have a ziplock closure on the side, making it super easy to fill.

No more plastic bags

Whether you are going to work, taking the kids to school, a day trip or on vacation, take these handy reusable bags from Nom Nom Kids with you. Ideal with these handy reusable bags with ziplock closure. Sustainable, good for the environment and also just nice to look at.

Sustainability on the go too

I find the handy reusable bags ideal. I give them to the boys when they go to school. Because they take up much less space, they fit perfectly into bags.

But I also take the bags with me on the road and if I have to be somewhere on time and don’t have time for breakfast I just take a squeeze bag with a breakfast-to-go with a fruit smoothie. Nom Nom Kids are not only convenient to use. You are also helping to create a sustainable world!