Welcome! Crochet your own moving gift

When we moved into our house over a decade ago, my sister sent a gift from America. A cottage. Very nice when you’ve just bought your first house together.

What do you give someone who is moving? My interpretation of this week’s Crea Cross theme ‘welcome‘.

Welcome: give an original gift

Lovely, really kitsch is the little house my sister gave me back then. Beautiful I think, and every week it reminds me what a nice house we have. When we bought this house it was just the two of us and we didn’t know what the future would hold for us.

What to give someone who is moving

What do you give someone who hole move and actually already has everything. I thought of giving a bottle of wine or champagne and then brighten it up with a little freulbel thingy to give it your own touch.

Pattern of the house

As often, I got the pattern of the crochet house from Freubelweb. The pattern comes from Carmen Jorissen of Crafty Queens. On the freubelweb site you will find many more fun ideas to crochet or make to welcome someone to their new home, welcome home or for any other reason. The house looks a little distorted in the picture, that’s because the youngest has already slept with it again ( that’s the fate of everything I crochet, when I look for it, I look in his bed 🙂 )


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