A modified school report due to corona

By Linda – Last week we received the message from school that the report folders could be taken back to school. There was also the announcement that this year the school report will be in a different form because of the corona situation.

A modified school report due to corona

The message from school indicated that, because of the new situation, they have reached the conclusion not to write the report as we are used to. Now of course every school report is different, but with us the following items are in it every year:

  • Cit scores
  • Social Emotion scores
  • Personal piece from the teacher to child
  • Personal note from the teacher to parent
  • Some of the work the child wanted to show in the report
  • A form where the child indicates how he feels in class, who he likes to play with, etc.

This report will be different. We do not yet know what the report will look like because of corona, but the school has indicated that the time until June 18 is short and because of the home schooling some data from certain method tests are missing.
Therefore, the children will receive a different, less elaborate report. This report will focus on the social emotional development and the portfolio. The CITO scores are also taken into account.

What do we think of that?

I find it a tricky one. I fully understand that the past period has been extremely busy for the teachers. I know that there are also plenty of people who think that teachers had a quieter time because there was no teaching, but at our school that is not the case.

There were three hours of online lessons every day by the teachers, there was an immense amount of preparation and arranging in technical areas, among others. The emergency shelter was also arranged. So I definitely don’t think the teachers have had it quiet.
But I still find it a tricky one. Because when I read the message, I think I’m only missing the two personal bits from the teacher. Now I can well imagine that this is where most of the time is spent.

But I think it’s a pity, because it’s always the part where you find out how the teacher looks at your child.

Normally, you can also discuss this in the report card conversation…but that conversation is also different now, of course. You are allowed to have a conversation with the teacher if you want as a parent, but where in other years it is basically standard to have a conversation, now the request is to do this if necessary. Well, it is not necessary for my child, but I always find it a very nice way to just hear how the last half of the school year went and also a nice ending to the school year.
But unfortunately that is not possible for now. And I’m fine with that, I think it’s fine as it is, but that the report has been changed is a pity.

Your own corona report

A school in Alphen aan de Rijn has also done it nicely. I saw on the Youth News that they have their students create their own corona report cards. The children indicate what they have learned at home during homeschooling.

Nice idea!

Corona and the 2020-2021 school year

I am also very curious about the coming school year. Everything will be different, including for next school year. I am a mother who goes into the classroom with the children every day, looks at some work the children want to show me and possibly has a (very) short chat with the teacher.

At least a greeting.
Next school year that’s not going to be in the cards, I’m guessing. I expect that our school, like many other elementary schools, is going to institute a rule that parents basically don’t go into the school with us anymore. This rule is already in place in many elementary schools (even before the corona period), and it seems logical to me that it would be continued in other schools in this current situation.

But at the same time I find that very sad. That way you get a whole different contact with the teacher. You see Each Other Twice A Year Duration A Report Card Meeting and That ’ S It it?

It Feels Distant, Whereas Now I Feel That Our Elementary School is So Personal.

I’m Curious How You Look At this?

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