Shopping for your kids

Every now and then I get a fun tag from a fellow blogger. So I thought it was about time to fill in a tag again. This time it is about ‘shopping for your kids’. Luckily I have a lot of experience with that so it should be fine.

Are you curious about what I buy for the kids, what you will never see them wear or what my favorite brand of clothing is?? Don't wait any longer and read on.

Shopping for your kids

Dear colleague and blog friend Marjo tagged me in the Shopping for your kids tag. I am happy because shopping for my own kids is something I really like to do. I love clothes, especially children's clothes. Most mothers will recognize it when I say that I sometimes go shopping and then come home with bags full of children's clothes instead of women's clothes.

Actually quite a shame but I just can't resist. So filling out this tag was a piece of cake.

tag; 15 questions answered about shopping for your kids

What is your favorite clothing brand??
It varies a lot. A brand that I really like in every collection, both for boys and girls is Tumble 'n Dry. I often have at least two items of clothing for the children each season.

What is your absolute must-have when it comes to children's clothes??
Jeans are still the best. Flexible jeans that children can play with. Both children love playing outside and getting dirty.

With jeans it doesn't matter at all. Wash them and they are ready again.

tag; Shopping for your kids

Jeans from Return Jeans

What do you find a no go in terms of clothes?
(White) socks in sandals. Even with children that is just not a face. I also hate Disney prints and the like or soccer shirts.

Hell no, they don't come in here. As pajamas I think they are okay, but not in daily life.

Have you ever had a bad buy? if yes.. some?
Not so much. I sometimes misjudge the size, which is always a shame but I have never had a real bad buy.

Which item of clothing is essential for you on vacation?
The summer dresses my mother made for the youngest. Super cute rompers with a skirt attached to it. During our trip to Costa Rica she wore them a lot, not too hot and they dried quickly after washing.
For the eldest I always bring cotton shorts. These are also not too hot and dry quickly.

How much money do you spend on average per month on children's clothes?
I really don't know. One month it's 50 euros for underwear and some basics, the next month it's a lot more because they have grown a lot.

What do you think about the sale starting earlier and earlier?
From me it does not have to be so. I like to postpone winter shopping as long as possible but that is almost impossible to do because the sale starts early and then the new collection's go like a rocket.

Where do you get your inspiration for children's clothes?
Actually not specifically from somewhere. I sometimes see something cute on Instagram or in a flyer. I just browse around everywhere and make clothes for the youngest myself.

Do you shop a lot online??
In terms of clothing it's not so bad. Some special items or for example black plain shirts in a small size I will shop online. You just can't get them in the stores here.

But apart from that I also like to browse in a real store.

What do you do with clothes that are too small?
That goes in a bag to the recycling center or a foundation. Sometimes I pass it on.

Describe your kids' clothing style?
Both very variable. I like cool clothes, both for my daughter and my son. I can make a skirt look cool with a pair of socks or a black shirt.

At least you'll never see them in a bitchy outfit.

Does your husband also buy children's clothes? And so yes.. hey that is well?
No, he never does.

How much do you spend on a pair or jeans for your son/daughter??
I think up to 35 euros. But then it has to be a really nice one. In General You Can also Find Cheaper Jeans.

Do you ever buy second hand?
On Instagram I Sometimes See Beautiful Clothes From Mini Rodini For Example. If I think it's really cool I Sometimes Buy It Second Hand.

What is your best buy ever??
Some cool tricot fabrics from the webshop Ansje Handmade. From One Piece of Fabric I made a shirt for the eldest, a skirt and leggings for the youngest. Now that is a good buy.

The Shopping For Your Kids Tag was Originally Created On Shopaholic.and.

I hereby tag linda to fill in this tag on her blog about my life. Furthermore I Tag Marjo, Cassandra, Linda, Astrid, Mary-Lou and Judith. I Am Curious to Hear Your Answers.

What would you never buy for your children? Do you like shopping for your children?

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