Get in better shape without exercising? How to do it!

A better condition we all want, but maybe you have no time or desire to exercise. Yet you will notice that by moving – however minimal this may seem to you – you can ensure that you feel better about yourself. With these tips you will definitely get in better shape!

Get in better shape

Has your condition ever been better? Notice that you are a little out of breath just a little more often than you would like when you reach the top of the stairs? You would like to do something about it, but you really don’t have the time or inclination to work out fanatically? Good news! Because you can also build fitness by changing your life just a little bit.

Spending less time sitting down, taking the car less often out of habit; there are plenty of ways to incorporate a little more movement into your daily life.

If you have a sedentary job?

Do you work? Then you may already be getting a lot of exercise unseen at work. There are quite a few professions in which you spend part of your time standing or walking around on your feet. But there are many other professions in which you sit at your desk all day and do little or no exercise.

Do you belong to the last group, and do you usually spend your working day sitting down, then chances are that you also belong to the group that notices that the condition is not optimal and would like to get in better shape.


Fortunately, even in a sedentary job, you can make sure that you do not just sit still all day. That starts with how you go to work? If you work at home now, you can’t do anything else for a while, but if you work outside and live within walking distance?

Walk there. Losing weight or getting in better shape by walking sounds like a multi-year plan, but that’s not true at all. A brisk walk, preferably every day, can often do more good than a weekly visit to the gym.

Or go for a bike ride

If walking is too far, you can also cycle. And if you really can’t get away from the car, even then you can put some exercise into your working day. By taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

By not sitting in the cafeteria during your break, but going for a nice walk.

The daily chores

You can also easily get some extra exercise at home. Think of all those times you have to go somewhere quickly. Run errands, pick up the kid from school, drop in on someone. By walking or cycling more often in these cases, you can build up a good level of fitness without being aware of it. Or schedule a walk every day.

Think of it as relaxation, clearing your head, getting away from it all. It’s not about how fanatically you exercise, but how structurally you do it. Walking for half an hour every day will give you excellent results and a better condition.

Walking with a challenge

Walking with the Ommetjes app from the Dutch Brain Foundation is very popular at the moment. I may not walk with the app anymore, but I am encouraged to walk every day. Another thing I do while walking is taking pictures. Just from what I see around me.

This is how I improve my photography skills during this lockdown and improve my condition at the same time.

A better condition without exercising? Here's how to do it!

Building better fitness

Maybe it’s more important than ever to work on our fitness now. Look carefully at what suits you, do not start too fanatically and above all do what you like, because then you can keep it up best. And if you have trouble walking alone, find a walking buddy, someone who says, come on, let’s go, even if you don’t feel like it.

Because whatever stage of life you are in, whether you work at home, have children or study: take good care of yourself.