Fail! Things you should never do but I did

I regularly tease the husband with the fact that I have three IQ points more than him. By the way, this is based on a test from years ago, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just nice to tease mister with that. Although he claims, of course, that it is the other way around.

In general I rate myself as pretty intelligent, even though it’s a stupid thing to say about yourself. Still, I do my hair color justice on a regular basis. There are some things you should never do that I did. Fail…

Fail; things you should just never do

Every now and then I have ideas that I think are perfectly doable without danger or adverse consequences. It has happened to me a few times that those great ideas didn’t turn out so well. In general, these are also things I quickly cover up because I am secretly ashamed of them.

Since I share everything with you here on my blog anyway, I will now also share with you my finest blunders.

Fail; fake snow

So what you should never do is hold an open bag of fake snow over your head. For the Christmas period I had two large candle-lights on the table with those gaudy Christmas scenes with lights in them. Fun for the kids was the idea. I also wanted to add some fake snow but I didn’t get around to it.

The bag was already open because I had used it the year before. Since I left the snow behind anyway I cleaned up the bag. I stuffed the bag on a few boxes high in the closet. Yes, there you had it.

I hadn’t sealed the bag properly so half a kilo of fake snow came pouring down. In my eye! Ouch!

Try to get that out of your eyes. As I type this I get tears in my eyes again. Fail!

Fail; glow in the dark stars

Another thing with eyes. When I was about 14 years old I had the brilliant idea of gluing my whole ceiling with glow in the dark stars. I believe that was the trend because many a friend had it too. That double-sided tape did not really stick to a textured ceiling so I used bison sealant. Big dollops of the strongest kind of glue went under it.

It stuck fine and soon my galaxy took shape. Slowly I picked up the pace and filled my ceiling like a savage. Until, that is, I was gluing a little too enthusiastically and a big blob of bison sealant fell right into my OPEN eye. I thought I was going crazy.

Nice job to get that rinsed out again.

Fail; lost finger?

Most readers know that I have a horse. With a horse, it is wise to keep an eye on his teeth. A horse’s molars do not wear down evenly so sometimes they have to go to the dentist. I always keep a bit of an eye on that. When my horse’s molars get too sharp the dentist has to come to the rescue again.

Since you can only determine that by feeling, I thought it would be handy to put my finger between my horse’s molars for a moment. Very intelligent because a nanosecond later my horse was startled by something and decided to put its jaws together. With my finger in between! I pretended nothing was wrong but I had a pretty bruised and bleeding finger.

He was still on it by the way.

What have I learned?

Always seal a bag of fake snow or throw it away. Never hold a tube of glue over your head and certainly not strong glue. (As well as superglue, which I also used to glue myself down with before.) And last but not least; just never put your finger in a horse’s mouth.

Am I the only one with such blunders or have you also had some of these highly intelligent actions??

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