How sturdy furniture creates a cool industrial style

Sturdy furniture can give your industrial style give to your decor. Industrial will also be the trend in interior design this year. Do you want this too?

With the helpful tips in this article, you can bring that coveted industrial look to your decor.

Create an industrial style at home

The industrial trend has been incredibly popular for a number of years and this week I wrote about how you can give your living room a cool look with accessories. today it’s about furniture. Also in 2021, the industrial trend will establish itself even more in the interior landscape of many homes. This is also a common trend in interior design magazines, Pinterest and television programs.

Do you also love this lifestyle and would you like to live in a rural interior?? What do you need then?

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Choose industrial materials

It goes without saying, of course, but an industrial interior requires industrial materials. Think tough materials such as steel, concrete, bricks and raw wood. These materials serve as the basis for your industrial interior. Then let these factory elements also be reflected in the floors and walls.

For example, concrete floors are a typical feature of an industrial design. But of course you can also add concrete to your interior in other ways, such as a coffee table with concrete look. Unfinished walls are also perfect for the industrial allure you want to create.

A prominent eye-catcher

Of course, an industrial living style also cries out for some prominent eye-catchers. Do not choose fussy details, but preferably some impressive pieces. Think big robust furniture and a large mirror, to name just a few examples.

If you use the colors gray, brown and black you can create an industrial color palette in no time.

Give your home character

Keep the old factory hall, the old school building or the cozy workshop in the back of your mind when making decisions. Although you can be tempted by the large (online) offer of furniture and accessories in industrial style, a real old showpiece can of course not be missing. How about an industrial lamp over the dining table, an old metal sliding cabinet or rough and raw wooden accessories.

These items will start to give your home character. As long as you avoid slick and sleek items, you’ll soon be fine. Success!

Give your living room a tough look

The industrial style in your living room, immediately gives your home a very cool look. Choose robust furniture and few accessories. Make your house your home!