Sustainability-Do Washable Cotton Pads Work as Well as Cotton Pads

Would you like to Sustainable Life? But are you afraid this is complicated or exensive? Then Read here how you can Easily use Everyday Products Like Washable Cotton Pads Without Being a Drain on your Wallet But Better For The Environment!

A Better Environment Start With Yourself

We All Know the Slogan ‘ A Better Environment Starts with You ’ and it has Become woven into the lives of so many. Because we are all separate our waste? And we take our own bag with us when we go shopping.

But also more and more items for Daily use Are Sustainable. Only, where to buy them?

Daily Products Become Durable

Sustainable Living is Getting Easier. We can Choose Paper Packaging in Stores More Often Instead of Plastic, But You also See More And More Substitution In Personal Care Products. This is how paper&Boo Plastic Free and Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products.

Including Shampoo Bars, Bamboo Cotton Buds, Bamboo Toothbrushes and Washable Cotton Pads.

Sustainability in the Bathroom

It’s not diffcomed, Exensive or complicated to switch from plastic and disposable to sustainable. It Might Take Some Getting Used To! Here’s How I Recently Started Using Washable Cotton Pads Myself.

Washable Cotton Pads Are An iDeal Sustainable Alternative to Remove Your Makeup and Cleanse Your Face.

How do thesis washable cotton pads work?

Actual, this washable cotton pads work no differently than regular cotton pads. You use them with cleansing products to clean your face and after use do not throw them away, but put the cotton pad in the laundry bag or wash them under the tap with shampoo. The Full Laundry Bag Can Be Washed at 40-50 Degrees. After washing, hang them to dry. And then they are ready for reuse.

And if you want to clean them up easily, a cotton pad holder is a good idea. The holder is made of Bamboo, thus also helping to reduce plastic and create a better environment.

sustainable in the bathroom

What are these cotton pads made of?

These cotton pads are made of cotton and bamboo fiber. The laundry bag is made of cotton. Their longevity makes them good not only for the environment but also for your wallet.

One package (which, by the way, is shipped in recycled cardboard) contains 12 soft pads, 4 scrub pads and a wash bag and costs 14.95.

eco friendly

Switch to washable

Of course, the price of these cotton pads can be a barrier to purchase them. However, these costs are a one-time fee and you then enjoy the product for years to come. A sustainable lifestyle certainly doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Look carefully at What Suits You and Help Reduce the Plastic Soup And Ensure A Better Environment For Our Children And Grandchilden To Enjoy As Well.

There are more and more Sustainable Products in My House

Sustainability in Products is very important to me. However, I am Still Looking For Products That I Can Replace With More Sustainable Versions. I Try to Live As Plastic Free As Possible, For Example I Have Been Using A Shampoo Bar For A Long Time) and Am Happy To Find More And More Products That Are Sustainable And Better For The Environment.

My Experience With Thesis Washable Cotton Pads

I am very satisfied with thesis washable cotton pads. I use them every night to remove my makeup and clean my face. The Cotton Pads Are Soft, But Not Too, They Remove My Make -Up Just Fine. And if you want a little more exfoliation, use the green cotton pads.

After Use They Go In The Laundry Bag And If I Am Half Way Through And My Laundry Basket Is Full I Throw the Laundry Bag with the Cotton Pads In The Washing Machine With It. They get clean just fine and are ready for reuse after drying. Washing and drying them by hand is also easy.

I find this really ideal, it may take some getting used to the fact that you don’t throw away the used cotton wool but put it in a laundry bag, but you really get used to this in no time.