Where to buy a good quality shirt?

A nice shirt of good quality, where to buy it? I have the webshop where every man succeeds for shirts. Good quality shirts in nice colors and prints. You can buy these at Hem for Hem

Satisfied with model and quality

Sometimes you buy a product and are so satisfied that you end up with the same brand again and again. That’s what my husband likes about the shirts from Hemd voor Hem. Although he is currently still working from home, the time when he goes to work will also come again and then it is no longer the case that he can sit at the laptop in t-shirt, shorts and with flip-flops.

Wearing a shirt to work

When my husband will go back to work, he will exchange his t-shirts for shirts again. A few years ago he needed new shirts and ordered one at Hemd voor Hem, here he was immediately so enthusiastic about that -if he now needs a new shirt- always goes back to this website. He chooses the same brand and size and these shirts fit him like a glove, but he is also very pleased with the quality.

How to recognize a good shirt?

How to recognize a good shirt? First the quality of the fabric. You have this with other clothing too, the fabric always says a lot about the quality and durability of an item.

But also the quality of the finish of the shirt, the buttons and the fit are important for a good shirt.

The perfect fit!

My husband chooses quality over quantity and it shows in his closet. There are shirts from years ago that in terms of fabric are still good, but in terms of fit totally out of date. Fashion has changed in recent years, the wide shirts are not it anymore. It’s all a bit tighter these days and the fit is much nicer if you ask me.

But what is the perfect fit?? At Hem for Hem you can choose from the following fits for shirts:

  • very tight fitted
  • tightly fitted
  • middle stark fitted
  • normal
  • somewhat wide
  • wide

Why this webshop?

Why is my husband so enthusiastic about these shirts? Not only the good quality, but also the good fit and details ensure that he buys his shirts from this webshop every time. He deliberately chooses the brand Olymp Luxor with the fit Modern Fit.

These shirts look very good on him. This time he chose a white shirt where the collar and cuffs are lined with a patterned fabric with gray and black. The shirt closes with black buttons where the button placket is finished with a piping of the same fabric and next to it is a very narrow black piping. These little details add just a little more playfulness to a neat shirt

Ironless shirts

The shirts are iron free. The different brands of shirts that you can find at this webshop are clearly indicated what the fit is. But also for whom it is suitable (for the well-filled man, the slim to average man etc), look carefully at the (extensive) size chart. Measure the sizes well in advance, then you can be sure that you order the right size shirt.

And you still chose the wrong size? Shipping and returns are free.