Favorites in pictures, about reading, hobbies’s and more

What are my favorites? What I love? What do I enjoy and what am I a fan of.

A bit of the blogger behind the blog, but then cast in photo material. From my favorite drink to my e hobby.


At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I want to start photographing more. I take a lot of pictures with my mobile phone. And let’s face it, the quality of the pictures from the mobile is getting better and better. But I also planned to take some more with the ‘real’camera photos’as well.

After all, we have a beautiful Canon camera, so let me use it too.

My favorites

The past few months I have been crocheting a lot for Crea Cross. I chose a theme where I thought I could crochet something for it, like these VW keychains or this bookend. Now I also list crocheting and knitting among my favorite hobbies’s so I thought it made sense to capture my creative exploits with these.

However for the favorites theme, I wanted something different, I thought it would be fun to put all my favorites in photo collage’s to give you a little idea of what I like.

Photo Collage’s

I chose several photo collage’s with my favorites. Take a look?

  • Boys.
  • Workplace (outside in the garden)
  • Sports.
  • crochet needles
  • read/writer
  • vacation destination/mountains

Of course I have many more favorites (including of course ‘the man’), but with this collage I have pretty much reflected what I like, how I get through my week and what I enjoy.