Enjoy the garden with these cheerful cushions

We have a front and back garden, where we can both sit comfortably. The different seating areas allow us to work, read, lounge and eat here. But how to sit comfortably?

And where can you find nice brightly colored cushions for the garden?

New cushions

I am a real outdoors person, I love to be active outside like climbing or hiking, but relaxing in the garden with a book is also something I like to do. Years ago we bought a lounge set. This is still of fine quality, however, the cushions of the lounge set are deteriorating. They are discolored and starting to sag. That makes sense, after all, we sit on them a lot.

I went looking for new garden cushions and discovered what a great choice you have here.

Decorative cushions, lounge cushions and more

What struck me immediately was that there is so much choice in color and model for the cushions. Not only in cushions for the lounge sofa or chairs, but also in decorative cushions. What nice and cheerful cushions I saw here and what is also nice, they are not only for outside, after all, they look very good inside on the couch too.


Cushions for armchairs

In addition to the lounge set, we also have a dining table with lounge chairs in the garden. Ideal for working, having breakfast or dinner. We sit here a lot. Our chairs and table are not so old yet. Actually, the husband and I both thought we wanted a big table in the garden for some time, but didn’t say so to each other.

Until we talked about it and found that we both missed this in the garden. Of course we have a table with the lounge set, but for eating or working a high table with seating is so much easier. Because the garden is perfect for this we also bought a table and chairs.

These chairs sit fine, although I saw that on the site I was looking at they also have seat cushions and I actually really like these to put in the chairs. Not only for extra seating comfort, but also because it looks super cozy in the garden.

With a set of new cushions, our lounge sofa and chairs instantly look like new again. I would say, come on with all those sunny days, then we can enjoy them to the fullest!