What made me happy 18

A little later than usual but of course also today an overview of the things that made me happy. With this time fun post, fun outings with my little man and tasty food. As icing on the cake we have been enjoying beautiful weather for days now.

What made me happy

1. I received some nice mail this week. We get to test a very nice book. Here we are working hard because there is also tinkering to be done.
2. Several times this week we went for a walk in the woods after dinner. Taking along flashlights and looking for bats. We saw a lot of them.

Very nice to see and do.
3. Tuesday the weather was so beautiful that I could lie in the garden on a lounger. Little man was playing outside and I was enjoying the sunshine.

which made me happy
4. I went with the kids to Sesame Street in Kijkduin for a morning. Playing and dancing with Elmo. The little man also made a nice drawing of Tommie.
5. We messed around with paint. Paper in a box, some blobs of paint in it and then roll the marbles through it. Messing around without getting dirty.
6. I received more mail. A nice product for the little man. The box was immediately put to use by Daisy.

He liked the basket.
that made me happy
7. A very distasteful picture of a very tasty meal. My parents came to spend the day with us and we ordered a delicious Greek meal. That was a treat.
8. Little man was playing quietly under my chair. He made a spider web with wire. A few days later it's still underneath because I had little desire to untangle it again.

9. Daddy was sick so I went out for a day with the toddler. Going to Drievliet together. Lovely quality time together.
10. The sun has been shining all week! That makes me happy.

In short, we had a nice week again. Apart from the illness that started the week.

What made you happy this week?

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