Do you dare?

Do you dare? This is the theme of the Week Against Bullying that starts today. Every year in September there is a week-long campaign against bullying. Various media are covering the issue and many schools are holding special classes on the subject. Actually this is a theme that should get attention all year round.

Hopefully this campaign week will be a good starting point to continue the rest of the school year.

Do you dare?

Do you dare to be yourself? To show yourself? Dare to get to know yourself and each other?
The School and Safety Foundation wants to use this theme to encourage teachers and children to talk about it in the classroom. To discover together what everyone’s qualities are and to let the children feel that they can be themselves. When every child is allowed to be there, is proud of his qualities and is part of the group, bullying will be used less and less in the classroom, on the square or in the neighborhood.

That would be fantastic? Anti Bullying Week is a great start to ending bullying.

The little ones among us

The Week Against Bullying is mainly aimed at school children. However, I think it is best to introduce this subject to children of pre-school age. There are several read-aloud books in which bullying is highlighted.

These stories are not violent but show that everyone is different and that this is a beautiful thing.

For toddlers you can think of the booklet Dick Bruna’s Longhair. This booklet tells the story of a new classmate of Miffy. He has a lop and everyone calls him lop.

In the end it turns out that this little boy doesn’t like being called hang ear at all. Miffy discovers that the boy’s name is just Daan and tells the whole class that it’s mean to call him hang-eared.

Another example for small children is the booklet Tip the Mouse doesn’t like bullying by Marco Campanelle. This book is about Tip the Mouse who goes to school and is bullied by three big boys. However, when he sees that the smallest mouse in the class is also being bullied, Tip turns out not to be so scared at all.

He stands up for the little mouse and the bullies are addressed.

So you see that even with the youngest children you can discuss bullying by reading a picture book. Let’s hope we never have to deal with this ourselves. For more information on the Week Against Bullying, take a look at the campaign website.

Are your kids doing something with the Week against Bullying at school??

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