Visiting Dublin on a limited budget

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a wonderful place to visit on a city break. Even if you may have less money to spend on a weekend getaway. Read my tips for visiting this city in Ireland on a limited budget.

In Dublin's fair city

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and lies in the province of Leinster. The city lies almost halfway up the island's east coast, on Dublin Bay and is bisected from east to west by the River Liffey. This city is famous for Trinity College and its beautiful library, the many Irish pubs and Grafton Street.

Would you like to go to Ireland and visit this city on a city break, but you have a limited budget, here are some tips for you.

Visit Dublin on a tight budget

Three times I was in Dublin and I would love to go there again. I love this city and especially the Irish pubs with their live music, the atmosphere in this city and the conviviality. This city is the ideal place for a city break, two or three days is perfect and the plane will take you there in no time.

What to do in Dublin and if you have less to spend?

Be flexible with the dates and days

Just like any other destination, for Dublin also counts, if you want to save on costs, see what is the best day and time to leave for this short flight vacation. Be flexible, go outside the holidays and see what you can save if you leave from an airport other than Amsterdam, for example. And then see where you're going to sleep.

A hostel is often cheaper than a hotel and if you want to save money by cooking for yourself, choose a house through Airbnb for example.

Visiting Dublin, what to do

Walk along the City hall, have a beer in Temple bar, visit the most beautiful library in Europe or go shopping. There's plenty to do in Dublin for a great city break. Even if you have less to spend.

Everything is within walking distance

The advantage in Dublin is that everything is within walking distance, thus saving costs on public transport. So put on your walking shoes and get walking.

Walk to the Botanical Gardens

While you are strolling, walk over to the National Botanical Gardens. These botanical gardens are free to visit and are a three-kilometre walk from the center of Dublin. The gardens are beautiful to visit.

Visit the famous Trinity College

Trinity College is one of Dublin's most famous structures. The entire grounds of this university are free to enter and well worth a visit. You do have to pay admission if you want to visit Trinity College Library and the Book of Kells.

Grafton Street

Dublin is known as one of the nicest cities in Europe, because there is always live music somewhere to listen to. On Grafton street, in addition to the many stores, you will also find Irish buskers. But also pay attention in one of the pubs if and when there is live music.

Nothing more enjoyable than taking a break here from walking through the city.

In Grafton street you can see Molly Malone, a statue that was built in 1988, the year in which Dublin existed 1000 years. “Molly Malone” is the name of an Irish song considered the unofficial anthem of Dublin.


Temple Bar is a vibrant riverside district. Here you will find pubs with live folk music You will find many stores, the Project Arts Center and the Temple Bar Gallery. Order a drink in the pub and listen to the cheerful Irish music.

Walk the streets of Dublin and enjoy!

In Dublin there is a lot of street art . The most beautiful works of art can be found in Love Lane, near the Tivoli Car Park and Drury Street in the heart of Dublin's creative district. Walking is the way to discover Dublin. Eat in one of the many Irish pubs and immediately enjoy the coziness the pub gives you.

You can make it as expensive as you want, but you can also visit Dublin on a limited budget.