Making plans for the new year

How are you looking at the new year? Can we make plans? Tricky, because didn't we all think that 2020 would be a wonderful year?

But that turned out to be a weird year. And with 2021 approaching, I regularly wonder if I can make plans already.

Making plans

Never before in a year have we had so many plans that were first postponed and finally cancelled altogether. Plans like parties, vacations, concerts, cito tests, camp and outings that didn't go through. Everyone has their own story from this year.

And everyone has a lot to say on and off.

Plans are to change

Now plans really are there to change, but that they can change and also leave you with such a nasty taste in your mouth, you wouldn't expect that anyway. So many plans were changed this year, so many plans that didn't go through. Sometimes you think, how do we all stay so positive. We started working from home en masse, the children having to be homeschooled and grandparents we didn't see for months.

But also trips that did not take place, weddings that were postponed and parties that were not celebrated.

Hard times

Perhaps the hardest part is not knowing how long it will take, when can we mark appointments in our calendar again? Can we make vacation plans or will it be another year in the Netherlands??

How do you see the new year

How do you envision the new year? Do you think we can and should do more? When will there be a vaccine and what then? Shall we vaccinate en masse or shall we wait and see?

I find it difficult that uncertainty, that waiting and not knowing where you stand. Do you think we can make plans again for vacations, parties and other outings next year? Are you afraid of the uncertainty or are you down-to-earth about it?