Doppio Espresso opens June 1 and opts for safe hospitality

Now that the hospitality industry is allowed to reopen from June 1, we can once again enjoy an appointment outside the door. Also at Doppio Espresso they open their doors again for their guests. They take extra measures to provide security for guests and staff.

Hospitality branches reopen

You could read here yesterday that pop-up restaurant A La Plancha in Rotterdam will reopen this summer. Today the news that the 29 branches of Espresso bar chain Doppio Espresso will also have their doors open again for their guests from June 1. In addition to the rules that will apply to every catering establishment, the national coffee franchise has opted for additional measures to provide safety for guests and staff.

This leaves room for entrepreneurial and creative solutions.

What are these additional measures

One and a half meters away, maximum 30 people inside and a triage at the door. These are the general rules and they give many entrepreneurs enough headaches. Yet Peter van Eijl, owner and franchisor of Doppio Espresso confidently goes a step further.

Additional measures such as: voluntary registration of data by guests, deployment of a brand new ordering app to a drastic adjustment of the menu. All this to eliminate risk and help stop the virus from spreading.

Seizing our responsibility

Peter van Eijl: “I think we have to live up to our responsibility by creating an extremely safe environment with safe products for our guests and our team. This safety is most visible in our completely modified lunch menu. We have chosen to produce and package all our sandwiches centrally in a safe environment. Food preparation and movement in the kitchen of our establishments is minimized. This is not a government requirement, but is advised by our hygiene partner.

Our hospitality and coffee quality remain as our guests are used to. We strive for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. And with the new rules we are going to live by together.”

There will be an ordering app

Guests of Doppio Espresso will soon be able to arrange their order and payment via their own smart phone. The development of the Doppio ordering app has been accelerated. Guests have the choice to contactlessly place their order while sitting in the store or on the patio.

Doppio Espresso is open again and opts for safe hospitality

Ordering from the menu

Ordering from the menu at Doppio’s restaurant is also possible. For now, though, you choose from a menu that is only used once, again to reduce risk.

Van Eijl is working confidently with his team and entrepreneurs towards the moment when guests can once again come and enjoy the familiar coffee, cakes and lunch, the staff and the surroundings.

Local initiatives at Doppio Espresso

Some Doppio entrepreneurs also seek various local collaborations in order to creatively generate more revenue. Jelle Stoker of Doppio Espresso Joure: “We work very well with the neighborhood and have now made new agreements about walking routes, for example. With our neighbor we have gone a few steps further; she has an Italian restaurant.

We have agreed that I may use her terrace during the day. In the evening she will receive her guests from June 1. In addition, we provide drinks in the evening.”

Meet up for coffee

It is good and nice that there are possibilities to go to a restaurant, cafe or coffee bar again from June 1. A Change of Scenery And How Nice It Is To Be Able To Talk To Others Again. Entrepreneurs are so resourceful in Finding Solutions.

Allowing US All to Slowly Get Back to The ‘ Normal ’ Way of Life.